Handmade Junk Journal

Hello beautiful people! I think this is my 22nd junk journal that I made so far and many more to do. I remembered my first junk journal that I made it was a disaster. I was watching a youtube tutorials and they are using double sided tape to put together a junk journal. So I tried using double sided tape and at first I was happy because it was going so well but when the weather gets cold my pages fell apart. So I researched youtube for more tutorials and learned how to sew and found the best glue to use for the pockets and tucks. It worked perfectly and never had a problem with my pages falling apart. I never used double sided tape for any of my pages for years. Please check out my flip through video to see the inside of this junk journal.

DIY Collectibles

DIY Miniature House/Tea House

I am always a fond of miniature houses because of their details. I came across this diy miniature tea house on Amazon and I bought it right away. I thought some of the furniture and tea boxes are premade, but I had to build everything even the thinnest pieces. At first, I was having a hard time because I am not used to putting together something that are too small, but I had fun. It will surely test your patience. Overall, it turned out beautiful. The tea house has lights and music box. Please check out Cutebee’s miniature houses on Amazon.